Building a professional looking site that showcases amazing work.
kinthings site Hompage layout with carousel, call to action and project thumbnails.

The main thing that stood out when working with Brecon and Nathan from KIN was they “got” the process.

Brecon and Nathan both work remote and during the project we mostly communicated via email and Trello with the addition of weekly Skype session.

KIN designed the site and I converted that into a WordPress theme.

The theme has a dedicated custom post type for projects and uses the Advance Custom Fields plugin heavily for the unique layout.

I also created a nifty Gruntfile for handling development tasks like compiling the SASS, minifying, auto-prefixing, converting the CSS stylesheets between left-to-right and right-to-left, creating a POT file so the content can be translated into other languages, optimising the assets and deploying to different environments via DeployBot.

The biggest challenge that was faced with the Kin Things site was the size of the image and video assets.

This wasn’t so evident during development but once all content was added to the production site I had to reassess a few things and make some adjustments like fine tuning the image compression, setting up a CDN and educating Brecon and Nathan.

Helping Brecon and Nathan create a site that works well, is easy to update and attracts clients was super fun and rewarding.