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Helping Australians invest in residential property.
BrickX Location profile view The location view for a properties including an interactive map, current statistics and finer details about that particular area.

Even though the BrickX application and business model has evolved since my time on the project it was a great experience.

My first large single page application built with Angular.

With a super lean team. 1 dedicated front end developer (me), a back end developer and a full stack developer for a duration of 8 weeks we managed to ship version 1 of the application to production.

The back end is written Scala and provided numerous endpoint for the front end to do our magic.

The team worked super close during the 8 weeks as the deadline was extremely tight. During that time we put in place some workflow structures which really helped us concentrate on the task at hand, build the app.

One example is we had multiple environments and deployed constantly thought-out the working day so all project managers, testers and stakeholders could be on the same page.

One of the biggest challenges I faced during this project was using the Angular framework. As it was my first major application using it so many of its intricacies were foreign, services vs factory is one example. Also I found that Angular doesn’t really prescribe any structure (which is good and bad) so I found myself constantly second guessing myself during the early stages.

All in all creating the first BrickX application in a short time was tops. Great team, great project and great idea.