Web App

Creating a single page application to manage grain transactions.
AgriDigital Contract view The contract view utilises Redux Forms and various custon input types.

I worked with the AgriDigital team to create an integrated, cloud-based platform to seamlessly manage contracts, deliveries, invoices, payments and inventory.

The AgriDigital app has a super clean and simple user interface but behind the scenes it is extremely complex and utilises some cutting-edge technology.
AgriDigital Company upload The company view which has the ability to upload a new avatar. This uses a 3rd party service Cloudinary that is hooked up to Amazon S3.

The front end is a single page web application. It is written in React and uses Redux to manage state, React Router for all routing, CSS Modules for styling, Webpack for module bundling, Jest for testing and BuildKite for continuous integration.

AgriDigital Company upload The Payment view and the status of each payment was a excting to see come to life. Oh and conveting the payment to ABA or CSV was pretty tricky.

This project was a completely fresh project so all technical decisions were made between the 3 person front end team in collaboration with the 6 back end developers and 4 technical managers.

The hardest part of this project was, without a doubt, that the harvesting season bought about a somewhat unpredictable deadline. The AgriDigital application had to be ready for the first day of grain harvesting. The pressure was upped with the biggest grain exporter opting to use the system for 100% of their harvest needs and so our entire team had to work very hard to make sure things were ready right when the grain was.

AgriDigital Company upload The deactivate component might look pretty simple but behind the scenes is super complex. If actioned it hits one endpoint then the backend fires off a chain of events.

Helping AgriDigital bring their ideas to life and having a positive impact on the Australian grain industry was a true pleasure.