Reshaping online news to take advantage of current technology and design patterns.
9News Homepage The 9News Homepage which is an incoming steam of news stories.

Working in a high paced news environment sure did make for an interesting project.

After a few weeks of ideation and collaboration with the design team and key stakeholders the front end team quickly got to work creating this ‘new school’ new news site.

The front end team was a three person team. One developer focused on working closely with the back end developers to make sure the .NET integration went as smooth as possible and the others developed a library of components that could be utilised within any layout.

During the ideation phase a number of prototypes were created but as soon as the ‘real’ project kicked off the front end team introduced a selection of tools, processes and standards to make sure the code that was shipping and being maintaining would last the test of time.

We used tools like Recess for CSS code quality. The BEM methodology for CSS consistency. EditorConfig to help define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs. UglifyJS for JavaScript compressing. Gulp for various development tasks and GitHub pull requests to keep the team members informed and code standard high.

The new 9News site is fully responsive and was achieved without too much drama as the development team were involved closely with the design team during the design phase.

The biggest challenge that was faced with the 9News build seemed to revolve around the infinite scrolling feature, populating the feed with new stories in realtime and making sure the video player (and advertisements) behaved in a responsive manner.

Not everything went to plan during the project but being around a super talented team with the dedication to get it done was extremely fulfilling.